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The intervertebral disc is a shock absorber between two vertebral bodies, but it is also a joint made out of cartilage. Therefore, an endoscopy of this joint would more appropriately be included in “ARTHROSCOPY.” Excision of this disc from inside out is referred to as “SPINAL ARTHROSCOPY”.

In the process of performing SPINAL ARTHROSCOPY in the neck there are many vital structures in a small area. Therefore, a second person is mandatory for maximum patient safety. The availability of an excellent, specifically, trained assistant is unusual, therefore Dr. Pflum performs this procedure with a co-surgeon.

This co-surgeon not only performs the procedure with Dr. Pflum, but independently evaluates and counsels the patient pre-operatively, agrees or disagrees to do the procedure with Dr. Pflum, and equally shares in the responsibility for the patient.

Below are just three of the many procedures Dr. Pflum regularly performs to alleviate pain.

NEW! PFLUMfusion™ Patented Spine Surgery™

This revolutionary new approach to spine fusion is facilitated by a unique invention of a compressible, pre-sized, pre-shaped sac with porous upper and lower surfaces that is filled with grafting material. 

Lumbar Endoscopic Fusion

Why would a patient choose an open procedure if it could be done with a scope?

At times, spine disease progresses past the point where a simple removal of displaced disc material can alleviate pain. This may lead the treating doctor to suggest a fusion of several spinal segments.

Recently, we have accomplished the disc removal and anterior portion of the fusion using endoscopes with the same FDA approved instruments used in an open procedure! Talk to Dr. Pflum and see if this procedure is right for you.

Anterior Arthroscopic Cervical Discectomy

Open anterior cervical discectomy with or without fusion is the standard operative treatment for cervical disc disease at this time. If the treating physician is to fully counsel his patient concerning surgical alternatives, then cervical endoscopic discectomy must be included.

Lumbar Endoscopic Discectomy

This procedure is a true break through for surgery for the lumbar spine. Other minimally invasive spinal procedures fall into two categories: (1) open surgery with a smaller incision, or (2) a procedure or method to shrink or change the disc through the use of an instrument passes through a needle.